After my PhD at Georgia Tech, I served as an Assistant Professor in the YCP ECE program. I applied all of my prior teaching experience and training at the Bucknell How to Engineer Engineering Education workshop to develop engaging undergraduate engineering courses.

PHY260 - Engineering Physics: Electricity and Magnetism

This course introduced the student to the topics of static electricity, electric fields, Gauss’ Law, electric potential, capacitance, resistance, current, voltage, simple electric circuits, magnetic fields, Ampere’s Law, Faraday’s Law, and inductance. This course pioneered a flipped classroom structure at York College, using online lectures that introduced students to the core concepts that would be fleshed out in the classroom discussion and exercises.

Semesters taught: Fall 2011-2014

ECE235 - Computations in Discrete Mathematics

This course developed students’ proof reading and writing abilities while exploring concepts in discrete mathematics, e.g. sets, graphs, and trees. I used the excellent book, How to Prove It, and had analytical “labs” in the classroom to help students apply these techniques.

Semester taught: Fall 2010

ECE280 - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

This course covered topics in AC and DC linear circuit analysis including Kirchhoff’s Laws, voltage and current division, nodal and mesh analyses, superposition, equivalent circuits and power, and the role of circuit components. Steady-state AC circuit topics such as phasors, impedance, frequency response, filtering, damping, resonance, and power were also covered. This course used the active learning and flipped classroom structure I developed in my Engineering Physics E&M course. Some online lectures were developed for this course.

Semesters taught: Spring 2011-2014

ECE370 - Microprocessor System Design

In this course, I taught advanced concepts in microprocessor architecture, programming, and interfacing. Additionally, students learned about important aspects of real-time operating systems and networks. Students programmed Teensy USB microcontrollers in C for lab work and a robotics inspired project.

Semester taught: Summer 2011

ECE402 - Capstone Design

This capstone design course required the careful instruction and management of a team of senior ECE students in a team project. For three of the four year I instructed, we attended the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC). Another year, the students developed a prototype bike sharing system for the campus and surrounding community.

Semesters taught: Spring 2011-2015

EGR442 - Applied Control

This course introduced students to the fundamental principles and applications of applied control. Topics include analytical techniques for digital control, design using transform and state space methods, and multi-input, multi-output systems. The laboratory is dedicated to hardware implementation of proportional, integral, derivative (PID) control and other advanced controllers, as well as computational methods for discrete system analysis and controller design. This course also presented advanced topics from distributed control systems. Students developed and deployed their synthesized controllers on National Instruments Compact RIO platforms.

Semesters taught: Spring 2011-2015

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