While working at MITRE Corporation I had the opportunity to teach technical and non-technical staff about machine learning. These experiences prepared me for online learning due to the high number of employees that took my course from corporate locations around the US. I also made a couple short high-level videos about AI and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning: Beyond the Buzz

This one day course introduces the audience to the broad field of machine learning. It explains to students the requirements, advantages, and disadvantages of machine learning enabled capabilities. Students will be able to see beyond the buzz and focus on the useful tools that machine learning can provide. This course was taught in a fully online modality during May 2021 and 2022.

Introduction to Machine Learning

This two day lab course teaches technical professionals core theoretical concepts and algorithms in machine learning. The active lectures blend short exercises with applied lab work. Some subjects covered include clustering, linear regression, decision trees, and deep neural networks. Students learn how to apply popular Python machine learning libraries, such as sklearn and keras.

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